Brand Builder & Marketing Strategist

Whether working in a rainforest in Costa Rica, fundraising for a non-profit from a rustic field station location or representing clients like rapper Coolio, Cheryl Hughey loves unraveling the stories of those she serves and enhancing the end user experience (UX). With a background in psychology and sociology, she utilizes over a decade of marketing experience to help clients reach their American demographic. Her diverse skill set includes service as a business analyst, music publicist, online product promotions specialist, freelance newspaper journalist, website editor, nationally published magazine writer and business brand builder.

Cheryl’s “Music Promotion for Everyone” was featured in the bookstore at Indiana University and was sold on In addition to her books, she has been published in Natural Muscle, Ms. Fitness, Concierge Magazine, West End Word, Sauce, Intermission Magazine and more.

A black belt martial artist that chose a simpler and more intelligent lifestyle, Cheryl often finds inspiration in the gardens of her St. Louis County, Missouri home.

Currently, Cheryl serves select publicity and writing clients.  When not at her own company, Cheryl works in the geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) industry as a creator of methodologies, processes and artifacts that mitigate risk.

Press inquires and portfolio samples:

LinkedIn profile (How good is her work?)

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